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Osteopath Whyteleafe

At Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths Whyteleafe, we use many different techniques. We will discuss these with you during Osteopathic treatment.

Osteopaths Whyteleafe
Osteopaths Whyteleafe

Generally, the first thought for back pain is to visit an Osteopath. The use of joint manipulation or ‘clicking’ techniques could be used.  But we have many other gentle treatment tools and treat every joint in the body, even toes and fingers!

Osteopaths Treatment Benefits

Osteopathy treatment involves helping the body’s own healing abilities.  This ensures that the structure and functions of the body are working at their optimum. The human body is one unit, even though it has differently named parts. They are all inter-connected and therefore, can affect each other.  Improving the quality and range of movement of the skeleton is also essential. The soft tissues that connect the bones and organs will improve bodily functions.  These include the blood and nerve supplies to body tissues.  Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, skin, fat, blood vessels and nerves. Improving bodily functions help to reduce pain and balance the overall health and well-being of the body.

Osteopaths Whyteleafe Testimonial:

My lactation consultant recommended Charlotte. This was shortly after the birth of my daughter as our newborn was having breastfeeding and sleeping problems. Charlotte diagnosed and treated our baby for her anterior tongue tie. This facilitated breastfeeding and avoided an unpleasant medical procedure for our baby.

She also treated my caesarian section wound with osteopathic techniques reducing swelling and aiding healing. Charlotte was extremely caring, professional and very helpful-we could not recommend her more highly.

Emma, Illustrator

Osteopaths Whyteleafe Techniques

Osteopaths can choose from a range of manipulative or cranial techniques during treatment.  Each technique is effective for specific symptoms. 

Soft tissue techniques use hands/forearms to release any specific adhesions. This is in all the soft tissues of an area, not just the muscle like in a massage. Osteopaths palpate, apply pressure or stretch specific areas. This will, however, result in the patient feeling an easing reaction.

Muscle energy release is where the patient moves their muscles in one direction. The osteopath counters that movement – like a push / pull motion.

Furthermore, Myofascial release allows tension release within the fascial tissue. This surrounds the muscles, bones and organs with specific and firm pressure.

Joint mobilisation techniques take a joint through its natural range of movement to release tissue tension.  Gentle joint release techniques use quick, specific force to a joint. This may initiate an audible or apparent release. Also, cranial osteopathy includes very gentle and subtle pressure to the head, spine and tailbone. This rebalances strains and stimulates healing more deeply.

Finally, if you would like to know more about how we can help, please call us. Alternatively, please leave a message via our contact us page.