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Coulsdon Osteopath Clinic

Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic

The long-established Coulsdon Osteopath Clinic is in Room 1 at Therapy & Life Centre (TLC). The address is 218 Brighton Road, Coulsdon CR5 2NF. We have worked alongside TLC’s Sports Massage team for nearly ten years.

Booking Line – Tel: 07957 563 472
Reception is open 6-days a week from 8 am to 7 pm
Email: charlotte@charlottehuntosteopaths.co.uk

Charlotte and her skilled osteopath Katja Jalfin, are available Mondays to Wednesdays.

Charlotte has created a relaxing and comfortable treatment clinic room within TLC. It includes a plinth, a welcoming waiting area, a toilet and disabled access. The Practice offers both cranial and structural osteopathy treatment for all ages. We see babies up to the most senior members of a whole family.

Osteopathy is a practical, hands-on therapy. The osteopath will use their hands to feel for muscle and joint tension areas contributing to acute or long-term pain. In an appointment, an osteopath considers the whole body when looking for the cause, not just in the painful area.

Pain Relief and Comfort await you!

They also look to identify the cause of the pain. Achieving this means asking detailed questions about your activities, work postures, or stress. Furthermore, they use various treatment techniques, including gentle stretching to the soft tissues. They also mobilise movements to the bones and joints to release these tensions. These help improve the mobility and function of the body parts and, as a result, reduce pain. 

Charlotte and Katja both treats using cranial osteopathy. The treatment is very subtle, and a highly trained sense of touch feels for tissue tension changes. The aim is to diagnose areas of strain or dysfunction. Moreover, the therapy helps bring balance, release, and restore the body to health.

Charlotte says, “I retrained as an osteopath after a corporate career. For the last 16 years, I have dedicated my life to helping many generations of families. My approach is to treat not just the painful area, as osteopathy is a whole treatment. We not only give hands-on treatment, but we also advise patients on how to use their bodies more efficiently. This means whatever their daily activities are. We provide them with awareness of their posture and help them to improve and recover alongside their treatment.

The osteopathy team have the same skills in assessing patients’ symptoms. They treat and rebalance the problematic areas. This can sometimes be parts of the body that patients never realised were contributing to their pain”.

Coulsdon Osteopath Clinic Fees:

  • New Patient – Adult and Child (1hr) £70
  • Follow-up Appointment (45 mins) £60
  • Follow-up Appointment (30 mins) £50

Coulsdon Clinic Location

Finally, please call our reception at 07957 56 34 72 for an appointment. Alternatively, BOOK ONLINE directly via our website. You may also leave a message via our Contact Us page.