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Stress and Physical Pain Symptoms

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As a serial entrepreneur, my husband introduced me to Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths. He recognised that I had seized up from prolonged stress & physical pain symptoms. Besides, long haul travel/jet lag, very long hours of work and years of sleepless, fretful nights.

I was sceptical initially as I had endured an awful first session of “bone-crunching” osteopathy many years previously. It could not have been better. Treatment was gentle and took a holistic view of my body, mind and environment. The result is that I now feel terrific and hooked!

Since 2014 I have used mainly Charlotte, Lizzie, and Lauren’s services regularly. Furthermore, they keep me moving and supple, relieving my body’s emotional and physical stresses. I finish off each session with a treatment of revitalising cranial osteopathy. It provides immense relief to my tired, over-worked brain.

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for a particularly aggressive cancer five years ago. Regular osteopathy sessions supported the healing process, preventing oedema and scar formation, and helped enormously improve my emotional well-being. I cannot recommend Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths more highly for removing all the stress & physical pain symptoms. They are Lifesavers!

Elaine, Entrepreneur

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