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Covid-19 & Infection Control Safeguarding Policy – May 2023

Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths. Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy

Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy within healthcare settings follows the General Osteopathic Council guide. From May 2023 onwards, we have changed our Covid Infection Control Procedures.

Based on Government guidance, in May 2023, there are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions in the UK (including England). All health professionals, including osteopaths, must follow UK public health guidance to inform their approach to infection control. And to practice under the Osteopathic Practice Standards.

Before implementing a change in our Practice Policy, we consulted with fellow therapists within Therapy & Life Centre. We all work in a multi-therapy clinical setting.

Currently, mask-wearing is no longer mandatory for your treatment. This policy refers to the Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths within the Therapy & Life Centre. Please ask if you prefer to wear a mask and want us to.

We will no longer send risk assessment pre-screening messages as a Practice Policy. However, we ask if you have respiratory infection symptoms, you inform us before you attend your appointment. Managing safe face-to-face contact for all is essential to us.

We also wish to assure you that hygiene and treatment room cleaning procedures remain firmly in place. We want to ensure that we offer the safest practice environment.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above information. Also, if you want your osteopath to continue wearing full PPE, please advise in advance.

Please let us know if you or a family member are vulnerable. We will adjust the treatment accordingly.

Current Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy & Procedures – Based on Risk Assessment on 12th May 2023

In light of the latest guidance (5th May 2023), we wish to reassure you that we continue undertaking risk assessments. The Practice follows the latest guidelines from our regulatory body GOSC (General Osteopathic Council), and the Institute of Osteopathy. In addition, we work with Therapy & Life Centre closely. We want to ensure that our clinic is the safest environment for both patients and us.

We have essential hygiene and infection control and pre-screening protocols in place. These procedures will mitigate any ongoing infection risks associated with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Current Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy for your visit:

Before your appointment:

Before your appointment, we will send you a reminder text 48hrs prior. If you have any Covid-related symptoms, we ask you to inform us. We can discuss whether attending is appropriate or how to manage infection control and safe face-to-face contact. Regretfully we will ask you not to attend your appointment if you have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19.

Online Osteopathic Consultations:

Online osteopath consultations via Facetime/what’s app video are still available. These are for patients who wish to see an osteopath without attending the Practice. 

When you visit the Practice:

Mask Policy – When you arrive, we will ask you to wait outside the clinic until we collect you. Please press the intercom buzzer for Room 1 when you arrive.

You need not wear a mask inside the clinic unless you wish to. We will also wear one if you prefer.

There will be an alcohol-based cleansing gel in the reception area for you. However, there is no obligation.

PPE Policy – Based on guidance from GOSC, osteopaths no longer need to wear medical masks or full PPE (apron & gloves). However, we will if you prefer.

Cleaning & Ventilation – We clean our hands thoroughly with soap/water before and after treating each patient.

We use the wipeable couch and pillow covers. Additionally, we clean all clinical surfaces with disinfectant wipes between patients. We include the treatment plinth, pillow, and chairs to maintain our hygiene standards.

We will operate our air purifier and filter unit regularly during the day.

If you have any concerns or questions about Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding, please get in touch with us to discuss.

Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding
Covid-19 Clinic Safeguarding

Updated 16th May 2023