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At Charlotte Hunt Osteopath Coulsdon, our team of very experienced osteopaths will look after your muscle and joint pains. The different techniques we use will commonly be a point of discussion during osteopathic treatment.

Generally, the first thought for back pain is to visit an Osteopath. The use of specific joint manipulation or ‘clicking’ techniques could be used. We have many other gentle treatment tools that could treat every joint and muscle in the body, even fingers, and toes! We use soft tissue techniques, cranial osteopathy, and other gentle release methods. These release muscle tensions and joint stiffness to help relieve pain.

Osteopaths Coulsdon

Osteopaths Treatment Benefits

Osteopathy treatment involves helping the body’s own healing abilities.  This ensures that the structure and functions of the body are working at an optimum. The human body is one unit, even though it has differently named parts. They are all inter-connected and therefore affect each other.  Improving the quality and range of movement of the skeleton is also essential. The soft tissues that connect the bones and organs will improve bodily functions.  These include the blood and nerve supplies to body tissues.  Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, skin, fat, blood vessels, and nerves. Improving bodily functions helps to reduce pain and balance the overall health and well-being of the body.

All our osteopaths at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths can help patients of all ages. We also help with a variety of symptom presentations. One group of patients we all have expertise in helping is during pregnancy/postnatally.

Helping muscle and joint pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women’s bodies change to adapt to the growing baby. The release of certain hormones changes their posture and centre of gravity which affects the body’s structures. After birth, the body must firstly recover from the delivery. If Mum decides to breastfeed her baby, further changes from different hormones affect all the soft tissues. Unfortunately, some women experience muscle and joint pain due to these hormone changes. Also, old injury/posture-related pains might reappear. So osteopathy can help provide relief from pregnancy/post-natal related discomfort.

Imbalances within the pelvic joints can cause aches in the lower back/front pelvic bones. Other symptoms in ribs, legs, ankles, and upper shoulders might also appear. Every pregnancy is different. The body can react to the external environment you work/live in. However, osteopathy treatment can help your body adapt to its changing shape and help you manage certain physical symptoms. Pelvic girdle pain or SPD (symphysis pubis dsyfunction) is a common symptom we see in clinic.

Osteopath Coulsdon Testimonial:

During my second pregnancy, I had back pain; there were days where I could hardly walk. My consultant at the hospital referred me to Charlotte.  I was not expecting much. As a former professional athlete with many injuries, I was rather cynical, wondering what an osteopath could do to help.

Describing the effect as a miracle sounds a bit much. However, that is it was what I told my husband. I left the clinic walking, pain-free, and not only that; there was an overall release both physically and mentally. It was odd. So, I continued going and over the next few weeks. Charlotte treated not only the initial back problem but my 15-year-old sports injury.  I had completely given up on that. It was as if my body had woken up. It felt unblocked, and it was responding to treatment. I was getting stronger.

Charlotte is gentle but decisive. She makes you trust her because of her straightforward no-fuss approach.  Ultimately, in my case, the results speak for themselves. I will continue seeing Charlotte post-pregnancy regularly because, at this point, I cannot see how I managed without her.

Emelie, Retail Businesswoman & FT Mum to 3

Osteopath Coulsdon Techniques

Osteopaths can choose from a range of manipulative or cranial techniques during treatment. Each technique is effective for specific symptoms.

Furthermore, soft tissue techniques use hands/forearms to release any specific adhesions. This is in all the soft tissues of an area, not just the muscle like in a massage. Osteopaths palpate, apply pressure, or stretch specific areas. This will, however, result in the patient feeling an easing reaction.

Muscle energy release is where the patient moves their muscles in one direction. The osteopath counters that movement with a push/pull motion to release tensions.

Furthermore, Myofascial release allows tension release within the fascial tissue. This surrounds the muscles, bones, and organs with specific and firm pressure.

Joint mobilisation techniques take a joint through its natural range of movement to release tissue tension. Moreover, gentle joint release techniques use quick, specific force to a joint. This may initiate an audible or apparent release. Besides, cranial osteopathy includes very gentle and subtle pressure to the head, spine, pelvis, and tailbone. This rebalances any strains and stimulates healing more deeply.

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