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Jacqueline Cook – Osteopath

Jacqueline Cook Osteopath: a highly qualified professional in osteopathy. Her credentials include a Master of Osteopathy degree from the University College of Osteopathy. As a distinguished member of the Institute of Osteopathy and registered with GOSC (The General Osteopathic Council).

Before doing her degree, Jacqueline gained valuable experience as a rehab support worker within the NHS. She had 15 years in the healthcare sector before she trained as an osteopath!

Jacqueline Cook Osteopath

Fun Fact

Jacqueline says, “She seems to attract patients with similar ailments to her own,” so you’re in good hands!

Off-duty, Jacqueline hits the gym (strength training is her favorite!). Her true passion is empowering female patients. She champions weight training alongside fitness, inspiring them to take charge of their health.

Jacqueline Cook – Osteopath

Jacqueline Cook has loved horses since she was a teenager. She is developing an interest in treating horses and, of course, their riders, too!

As an osteopath with a hands-on approach, she effectively applies spinal and joint articulations to alleviate pain. She also aims to relieve discomfort through soft tissue techniques.

Jacqueline’s expertise also extends to kinesiology taping and exercise prescription. These allow her to empower patients in their rehabilitation journey and reduce the chances of symptom recurrence.

Jacqueline firmly believes that each person she sees is unique, and this belief is at the core of her practice. Jacqueline also meticulously tailors each treatment session to address the individual’s goals and ailments. She ensures that you feel valued and essential in your journey to wellness.

Finally, please call 07957 563 472 or leave a message, and Jacqueline or one of the team will contact you.