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Busy at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths during Covid

Busy at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths during Covid

We have been busy at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths during Covid. The osteopath team is so glad to be back in Coulsdon. It’s excellent helping our local patients with face-to-face consultations again. Since we reopened, we have had a very hectic three weeks.

It has been so lovely seeing familiar faces and new ones too! All three of us agree it has been so very satisfying to see people get relief from pain. It is a unique event after so many weeks of lockdown.

Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths has seen newborns with uncomfortable tummies. Also, injuries from trying new activities. These include neck and back pain from sitting too long at laptops at dining room tables.

The classic low back pains from overdoing it in the garden! We must be on our toes with all the techniques we know to help!

We open as usual to treat all our patients, not shielded. Would you please book in via phone or email? The next couple of weeks is already filling up!

We will continue busy at Charlotte Hunt Osteopaths during Covid and will be ready to fit you in.

If you wish to discuss your aches and pains, please leave a message. Alternatively, please call us on 07957 563 472. We look forward to hearing from you!

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